Financing Your Energy Strategy

Power your energy infrastructure with Global NRG’s Business Solutions range of flexible financing options.

Distributed energy solutions are now more accessible than ever before, allowing you to turn your energy challenges into a business advantage without upfront investment. We will work with you to develop the best financing solution to solve the unique energy needs of your business.


Whether you choose our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) option or an Energy Services Agreement (ESA) option or purchase your energy solution with upfront capital or a low-interest loan, be confident that you have the right partner to help your organization. We are already helping organizations across the globe achieve their energy goals.

Our global experience to your doorstep.

Benefits for your business

A single contract for your complete solution includes your energy technology, ongoing maintenance and financing.

Zero CAPEX outlay with our funded options and maintain ongoing cost predictability via fixed rates.

Eliminate energy risk with responsibility for maintenance and availability retained by Global NRG  Business Solutions.

Retain control of commodity spend and supplier or choose to integrate Direct Energy Business supply.

Our financing options

Energy Services Agreement (ESA)

Transform your energy infrastructure with no capital outlay.

ESA financing is a pay-for-performance solution, upgrade or install new cogeneration systems, without the need for an upfront investment. We fund the implementation costs and retain ownership, operation and maintenance responsibilities. Organizations make payments tied to the hours of operation and/or kWh produced. Benefit from savings guarantee, measured through the performance of the system.

Use our PPA to power your business

with on-site solar energy without upfront investment

Our PPA financing option is a hassle-free option that delivers efficient, clean solar power and generates immediate savings for your business. This commercial solar panel financing option is ideal for organizations looking to reap the many benefits of installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system on their site. The PPA requires no upfront investment and no solar PV system ownership responsibilities –Global NRG Business Solutions is responsible for any maintenance needed for the solar PV system and for the removal of the system at the end of the contract. We offer two PPA solutions.

Option 1: Behind the Meter PPA

Going solar is a clean, reliable source of energy that boosts your profitability of your business by providing immediate energy savings and protection from increases in grid pricing. With our Behind-the-Meter PPA option, Global NRG Business Solutions installs a solar PV system on your site. You simply pay for the electricity generated by the system at a discounted kWh price – typically at a discount to utility pricing – for the term of the contract, essentially going solar without any capital investment.

Option 2: Front of the Meter PPA

Monetizing unused space like a roof, parking lot, or empty land is a benefit to organizations looking to maximize their energy strategy. With our Front-of-the-Meter PPA option, Global NRG Business Solutions installs a solar system on your site and pays you a lease payment over the life of the project for use of your property, creating an additional revenue stream for your business. Global NRG owns, utilizes and maintains the system, then sells the electricity generated by the system to the utility grid.

Why Global NRG Business Solutions?

Wide range of zero-CAPEX options enable our customers to implement advanced energy solutions without capital.

Dedicated commercial teams focused on working with customers to identify the right commercial arrangements.

Extensive heritage and experience with solutions in place Globally.