The progressive alternative solution to ground mount Solar Arrays without the requirement to sacrifice valuable land asset resource to produce energy.

AFLOAT SOLAR is a design patented system to facilitate electricity generation using photovoltaic panels embedded within our unique floating cradle system and installed on water catchment areas such as reservoirs, dams and most protected inland water supplies.


Using our floating system to produce power generation can increase the productivity of electricity ranging from 10% to 20% compared to a similar ground-mounted Solar system. By installing our system on the water’s surface, we can harness the power of reflected light from the sun that refracts on the water and ultimately can be absorbed by the solar photovoltaic panels.


AFLOAT SOLAR Systems are completely modular and adapt to virtually any width to achieve the desired power outcome targets.

Our systems are stable, strong and environmentally friendly, using only recycled plastics. Our design also provides a user-friendly platform walkway to support the PV panels, inverters and componentry making it easy to clean, inspect and modify the system at any time without heavy tools or machinery.

Reasons for Choosing Afloat Solar
Land is a scarce commodity and it will become increasingly scarce and price competitive as time progresses when used for ground Solar System types.
Construction times for Afloat Solar systems compared to Ground or roof mount systems is drastically reduced.
Flexibility to install our systems on almost any water catchment area repurposes artificial or natural water basins that otherwise would be used specifically for irrigation or fresh water supply or similar.
Creates valuable purpose to otherwise obsolete water catchments, providing new income streams into many businesses that house such water catchment assets without disrupting any environmental aspect by its use or implementation.
Standard PV plant vs floating PV plant
  • Necessity of extensive land

  • Purchase or leasing of land

  • Limited installation conditions (eg shading)

  • Reduced efficiency due to high ground temperatures

  • Environmental pollution

  • Deforestation

  • Using inactive spaces

  • Retraining of disused spaces (quarries, reservoirs, etc.)

  • Favourable installation conditions (eg shading prevention)

  • Increased efficiency thanks to:

  • Refractive use

  • Cooling of panels

  • Echo system protection


Thanks to its modularity and ease of installation, AFLOAT SOLAR floating solar systems can easily be installed in:

  • Industrial Water Systems

  • Cave/Mine lakes

  • Irrigation tanks

  • Desalination/Canal aquaculture surfaces

  • Water treatment plants

  • Fish farms

  • Zero environmental impact

  • Minimizes the evaporation phenomenon 

  • Preserve the existing ecosystem

  • Reduces algae flowering

  • Redevelopment of disused water basins

  • Recovers contaminated areas by generating clean energy

  • Plots intended for agricultural or other uses are not exploited

  • Converts unused basins to profitable areas

  • Increases efficiency and power generation

  • Reduces connection costs to electricity distribution centres.

Proprietary benefits of floating solar over ground mount solar systems.


By harnessing the water's ability to reflect and amplify sunlight on the water’s surface the Afloat System allows the panels to capture and absorb a larger % of sunlight into the PV panels during the sunrise and sunset period. This enables a higher yield of power generated over a 24hr period over conventional systems.

 Another outstanding benefit to Afloat Floating PV Systems is that the panels and system are directly positioned on top of the water’s surface thereby inhibiting dehydration of water into the atmosphere.

The placement of our system on water allows the water to act as an extremely efficient cooling substrate which circulates cooler air emitting from the water’s surface under our structure’s shading. The cooler air then circulates around the panels and componentry thereby lowering the operating temperatures of all components and directly enabling them to operate more efficiently and improving their longevity.




A comparison between ground mount and floating systems shows that floating plants  produce an average of between 10-20% more energy yield.


Reduction of water evaporation using AFLOAT SOLAR Systems

Floating solar


Floating Solar by its inherent unique design naturally covers the area of the water surface producing much needed shading.

This shading provides 2 main features:


  1. Inhibits evaporation of water in the catchment area below while preserving precious water that would otherwise disappear from the water catchment area.

  2. Inhibits the growth of Algae.


Afloat systems are safe for fresh water systems and does not cause any environmental issues by its implementation.


Studying data from previously installed sites we found that installed floating solar systems showed a reduction in evaporation of about 500 litres / m² / year, corresponding to a reduction of about 80% of normal evaporation in the absence of floating systems.


From these assessments we can see that on the surface covered by the floating systems evaporation is reduced by two fundamental factors:

  • Dramatically intercepting and reducing wind over the water surface, can yield up to a 50% reduction.

  • The shading produced by our floating systems over the utilized water surface can yield a reduction of approximately 30%.

The total volume of saved water on a project will be directly dependent on the size of the floating Solar system, for example a floating system approximately 11,000 square meters equates to around 1MWp. Resulting in a saving 5.5 million liters of water per year, or 5.500 Mc / year per MWP of a floating system.


For an example of shade creation to inhibit water evaporation we can look at California. Over the past 10 years California has been subjected to an unprecedented water crisis.

In 2015 to combat the significant natural evaporation water loss in the city's reservoirs, basins and water reserves, 96 million plastic balls (HDPEs) were used to cover the Los Angeles basins, attempting to block the sunlight and avoiding water evaporation.

The target of this exercise was to save approximately 300 million litres of water per annum.

AFLOAT SOLAR Floating solar systems are modular and easy to assemble and expand on.


AFLOAT SOLAR  modules are made of high density polyethylene, (HDPE) joined together by custom made connectors and anchoring systems that can handle most common wind speeds when installed correctly.

Our system can adapt to use most Solar panel brands.


Our system provides multiple single rows of PV panels at a specified tilt angle to suit each location. Our system also provides a stable pathway to allow efficient servicing and cleaning as required.

Complete EPC services for advanced floating Solar Systems globally
AFLOAT SOLAR offers full EPC services making your next project a seamless choice to implement.

Afloat has its own patented design modular system that suits most brands of Solar Panel however we can customise our system to suit a preference brand should that be required in your area.

We can custom design any layout to suit the characteristics of the project site.


All our systems take into consideration all factors of the targeted site and collectively design the most efficient modular system for highest power output and cost-effectiveness.


We manage all aspects of the commissioning process from management, project coordination to supervision of the highly trained team that implements the installation of our floating systems.


Our dedicated team of installers have many years of experience around the globe including areas of extreme heat and extreme cold conditions. We are able to undertake projects in any part of the world using our strategic relationships with qualified trained technicians.


Our team manages the entire project turnkey, making every aspect of your experience with us headache free and completely seamless.


We are able to offer finance strategies for your next project through multiple finance partner channels that are eager to assist your next project.


Afloat Systems offer the highest quality in specialised anchoring systems that are  approved to international standards.

We can design anchoring systems for the worst conditions if required to do so that also self regulate to adjust for extreme tidal variations.

We incorporate ecologically friendly anchoring systems that wont cause dragging and therefore can protect sensitive areas with sensitive marine flora and the like.

We evaluate each project site and design a unique anchoring system to protect and support our Floating Solar Systems.