About us


Global NRG is a sustainable energy group that provides multiple services to the energy sector. These services include business case analysis, system design, engineering, procurement, construction and installation.


Global NRG’s mission is to facilitate the transition from current unsustainable energy consumption and systems to sustainable energy systems. We specialise in areas of Floating Solar Systems, Solar Carport Systems, Commercial Utility-Scale Solar farms, Landfill to Solar Conversions and large scale Rooftop Solar. 

We help organizations take advantage of the changing energy landscape by building intelligent, end-to-end solutions to power their performance, resilience and business vision.


Our Approach

Whatever the challenge, wherever you are located, we work with you for the long term to deliver energy solutions that are tailored to your needs and create a business advantage.

We constantly evolve in the way we relate to our business customers and delivering what they really need.


Why work with us



First, we’ll get to understand your business. We’ll understand your business objectives, map your sites and analyze the performance, efficiency and resilience of your existing energy systems.

Customized to your business

Your goals may be to manage costs, improve operational efficiency, enhance resilience or reduce CO2 emissions. We’ll help you get there by understanding your business needs first and then using our expertise and experience to design the solution that’s right for you.

Easy to work with

From pilots to comprehensive rollouts, our specialists make energy management simple – cutting through complexity with straightforward solutions that help you create value.

Simpler to manage

We combine new insights, new technologies and new ways of working to join up the dots seamlessly, putting you in control. Our energy management platform gives you a clear view of performance and allows you to manage everything in one place.

Discovering value

Our global experience and understanding of the regulatory environment means we can help you map your energy landscape, and identify where risks and opportunities lie.

Flexible financials

Global NRG's scale, reach and know-how means we can offer a range of commercial options to match your budget and cash flow – and secure your energy ambitions. We’ll also work with you to justify the upfront investment.

Keeping you ahead

In the changing energy landscape, we are leaders in developing and acquiring new technologies and integrating them into our offer. We’ll help you take advantage of innovation in energy to help you stay ahead.

Benefits to Your Business

Our approach to energy can help improve your energy security and prepare you for the future in various ways.

Reduce operational failures

Modernize your energy infrastructure so that it’s more reliable and less likely to incur downtime and costs. We can also help you extend the life of your on-site energy assets with insights that give you early warning of potential equipment failures.

Minimize your commercial risks

Implement a commercial strategy that reflects your appetite for risk, helps you forecast and manage costs accurately – and protects you from market volatility, enabling a predictable cost base. Our scale, expertise and experience mean we can offer you innovative commercial options to suit your needs.

Strengthen compliance with regulation

Reduce your risk of non-compliance and avoid damaging incidents and potential fines – with intelligence from our energy management platform and expert guidance on regulatory issues and compliance.

Protect against market change

Develop an energy strategy for the long term that takes advantage of our experience of energy markets. You can be protected from future market disruption while benefiting from the latest innovations in energy technology.

Explore Solutions to help power your resilience.

Solar and Battery Storage

Decrease reliance on grid energy, reduce operating expenses and operate in a more sustainable way with Solar and Storage.

Solar power is a renewable source of energy generation that works by absorbing sunlight and converting it into electricity. Installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels enables businesses to unlock value from existing assets like their roof, floating, parking lot, or ground space and generate their own efficient energy supply instead of drawing more expensive energy from the grid.

The power that the solar PV panels generate can be used directly onsite, stored for later use to lower energy costs during peak times or, in some cases, fed back into the grid to create an additional revenue stream. This power is 100% sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective – ideal for businesses that want to reduce both energy costs and carbon emissions.

Benefits for your business

  • Lower your electricity costs and reduce reliance on grid energy by generating your own electricity onsite.

  • Gain budget stability through predictable electricity costs and accurate forecasting of operating expenses.

  • Generate revenue by selling excess solar energy to the grid through programs like net metering.

  • Reduce demand costs by using stored solar energy when charges increase and can be up to half of your bill.

  • Improve reliability and resilience by using stored solar energy to provide interrupted power when the grid is down.

Demand Response 

How does Demand Response work?​

Sensor installation

The installation at device level allows us to uncover opportunities, easily attach the non-invasive self-powered sensors to the outgoing electrical wire. Each individual sensor will start tracking the energy usage of the device, equipment or process, preparing you for Demand Response.

Data analysis

Data is continuously received and wirelessly transmitted to the analytics platform, all in real-time. Enabling more effective curtailment planning and identification of appropriate assets.

Event occurrence

When a request is received from the grid, your planned energy pattern is visualized in the system allowing you to adjust your usage. Changes in demand are viewable in the platform to ensure you are meeting your commitment.